Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting Rid of Electro-Smog a Snap with PEMFT Zen

Everyday I am saving my life because I lay on my pulsed electromagnetic field mat for 8 minutes. I can't believe I own my very own.

I had a question the other day as to how the MRS2000 system (that's the name of it) can get rid of electro-smog in our bodies. This is the reply via email from Greg Larsen, my up-line:

The definition below, as the previous blog concern you sent me, is based on an erroneous
assumption, ie. that ALL EM frequencies and intensities are HIGH, eg. power lines, electric
blankets, etc. Whoever wrote this obviously knows nothing about EM fields that are LOW
frequency and LOW intensity, eg. the Earth itself and the Mat. Towards this end, I have
again included below my standard "Good vs. Bad EMF" e-mail text for your consideration.

Be more discerning. There is good EMF and bad EMF -- something about which most
people, including doctors, are ignorant. Good EMF has been extensively studied in the
lab and has been used by NASA since the 1970s (all spacecraft carry Schumann
Resonance Generators to keep the astronauts from getting "space sickness").

The blog is talking about electronic equipment that puts off EMF that is very HIGH
frequency (eg. cordless phones are now in the GHz range) and/or very HIGH intensity
(literally thousands or millions of times stronger than the Mat) -- either or both are totally
unnatural and harmful to the body. One of the monthly Emedicine web casts men-
tioned that if you put someone on the Mat (their blood looks great), but then immediately
put them in front of a computer for awhile and their blood will totally change for the worse!

In contrast, the MRS-2000 puts off EMF that is very LOW frequency (0.5-25 Hz), which
corresponds to the Adey Biological Window (3-25 Hz), the low frequency EM range
found in nature, proven necessary for live organisms to survive and thrive.

Laboratory research has revealed that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance
(7.83 Hz, one of the Mat's frequencies) protects them from ambient Emfs, increases their
immunity, enhances their growth, and decreases their absorption of depression-induc-
ing chemicals.

In regard to intensity, the manual for the MRS-2000 states that it has a very LOW
intensity. ie. a maximum intensity of 70 micro Tesla, which is "not higher than the magnetic
field strength of the Earth" and "far below the recommended limit of 400 micro-Tesla
for non-objection in compliance with DIN 0848". DIN 0848 is a safety standard.

So, the EMF that comes off the Mat actually protects our cells from the unnaturally strong
and harmful Emfs ("Electro-smog") that emanate from cell phone towers, computers, high
voltage power lines, microwave transmitters, radio and TV stations, radar installations, satellites,
etc. In fact, this is an excellent reason why everyone needs to be on the Mat every day -- to
counter the increasing amount of man-made Electro-smog.

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